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30 Jun: May 2023 Recovery Highlights – £3.5 Recovered

This month, Global Telemetrics monitored devices were responsible for the recovery of £3.5m worth of vehicles. This is a £600k increase from May 2022 and means that figures for recoveries in 2023 so far currently stand at £18.8m. This is £2.7m higher than the total this time last year, and we remain on course to hit a projected recovery total of £40m.

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14 Apr: March 2023 Recovery Highlights – £3.6m Recovered

As the first quarter of 2023 draws to a close, Global Telemetrics remains on track to hit the projected recovery total of £40m of vehicles by year-end. March proved to be a busy month for the team, with £3.6 million worth of vehicles recovered. This is a £1.1m increase from last month’s figure of £2.5m, and brings our Q1 figure to £9.6m.


13 Dec: November Recovery Highlights – £4.8m Recovered

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, November has already come and gone. The World Cup Final is almost upon us, dark nights are in full swing and the foggy and frosty mornings are approaching.

For Global Telemetrics, November 2022 has blown away November 2021 for recovery value totals, becoming our second busiest month of the year so far. November saw £4.8m worth of recoveries, more than double that of 2021.