Hot off the heels of announcing our recovery total for 2023 of £39.4m. in January, Global Telemetrics tracking devices were responsible for the recovery of £1.3m worth of vehicles. 

The new year is now well underway, after getting through what feels like the longest month of the year and Christmas a distant memory, we are now nearing the end of the month of celebrating love and pancakes.

January’s Facts and Figures 

During 2023, models of Land Rover took our top spot for vehicles stolen and recovered for the year. January is no different with models of Land Rover being 30% of all vehicles recovered this month. Fiat Ducato based motorhomes joined the Range Rover Sport at the top of the list each being 11% of vehicles recovered this month. 

Other vehicles recovered this month include: Lexus RX 450 H, Citroen Relay, Ford Kuga, Mercedes S-Class. Yamaha Kodiak, Nissan Qashqai, BMW M3, Karcher Pressure Washer and a Ford Focus RS which was recovered alongside a non-tracked stolen Audi. 

You can see footage of the Focus RS theft and recovery below

January’s Quickest / Most Interesting Recovery

It’s not just cars that Global Telemetrics protect and recover and this was certainly the case during January when a Karcher Pressure Washer was stolen in Glamorgan. During the early hours of a mid January morning, our Secure Control Centre received a movement alert from the pressure washer. A movement alert is an alert generated when a vehicle moves without the presence of an ignition (typically when towed).

Quickly our team called the owner and checked that everything was ok. The customer after checking confirmed that the Karcher had indeed been stolen. 29 minutes later our Repatriations Team armed with the location from the tracking device quickly secured and recovered the washer alongside the police. 


Once again this year we will be tracking hotspots of where vehicles are stolen before being recovered, for January, both London and the West Midlands sat top of the tree with 24% each of the total recoveries for January. West Yorkshire was runner up with 12%. 

Looking Forward

February once again brought the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show in Birmingham, we attended with our friends at Motorguard supporting their ESA Track tracking system. Motorhomes were number 3 in our stolen vehicle list for 2023 and have once again seen a strong presence in the list for January and February so far. 

As the year goes on we will be attending events once again organised by our friends at Supercar Driver, this year we hope to bring you exciting content from all of these events and will be offering a competition around one of these events to look out for on our social media this summer. 

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