As the first quarter of the year is now behind us, March saw Global Telemetrics monitored GPS tracking devices recover £2.2m worth of vehicles, which was a 300k increase compared to February. 

March’s Facts and Figures

As like many months before, Jaguar Land Rover has dominated the most recovered vehicles list for March, 43% of all vehicles recovered during the month were a ‘JLR’ model with the Range Rover Vogue being the most stolen this month.17% of all vehicles recovered were a Vogue. 

Other vehicles recovered this month included, Ford Rangers, Audi A3 and A6, BMW M140i and 330e, Volkswagen Golf R and Crafters, Jaguar e-Pace. Mitsubishi Outlander, Volvo XC60, Lexus RX450Hs, Mercedes Sprinters, Jeep Wrangler, Adria Alpina Missouri and a Porsche Macan. 

Marchs Most Interesting Recovery

Our most interesting recovery for March isn’t so interesting because of the vehicle, the place or the time, this month it’s interesting as this vehicle was stolen not once but twice during a 2 week period. The Jaguar e-Pace based in London was stolen overnight on both occasions with our team recovering in 43 minutes on the first occasion and 92 minutes on the second occasion. Without our car tracking devices installed the customer may have permanently lost their vehicle. 

March’s Quickest Recovery

In the same time it would take you to sing the all time classic song Bohemian Rhapsody our team were able to recover a Lexus RX450H in the middle of March. Quicker than thunderbolts and lightning our team were able to chase down the vehicle with the police and safely secure the vehicle. All of this happened after being stolen from a car park just 6 minutes previously. 

Notably, for all recoveries recovered on the same day (of which only 1 falls outside of this criteria) average recovery time for a stolen vehicle being confirmed stolen to our Secure Control Centre to be recovered by our Repatriation Team for March was a fantastic 46 minutes. 


True to form the capital city remains the hottest part of the country for vehicle thefts, 39% of all recoveries for March were stolen from a London borough with Haringey and Hounslow being the two most common boroughs for theft. 2nd place for most thefts for the month was the West Midlands which saw 16% of all recoveries being stolen from the area. Lancashire finished the month in 3rd place with 13%. 

Looking Forward

Race season is upon us and last year our Executive Director Paul Bailey successfully competed in and won the GT Cup as the Overall Winner in his Lamborghini Huracan. This year Paul will once again be competing, adding the highly successful former Le Mans Winner and Formula 1 competitor David Brabham to his team. Paul and David will be racing in the Brabham race car. We will be providing updates and some footage from some of the races as the competition progresses via our social media channels. 

April has already seen an influx of Motorhomes and caravans on our roads and this naturally leads to more motorhome thefts throughout the country. Our Motorhome tracking devices and caravan trackers have proved year on year to be the key reason customers get their vehicle back after being stolen. You can find out more by visiting our dedicated motorhome tracking page here 

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