Global Telemetrics is proud to announce that during quarter 1 of 2024, we recovered a total of £5.4m worth of vehicles. 

Q1 The Facts and Figures

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Methods and Locations in Q1

Global Telemetrics continues to monitor how vehicles are stolen and where they are stolen. Keyless theft has been a massive problem for vehicle owners for a number of years, and in 2024, this doesn’t seem to be a problem being fixed soon. 44% of all thefts were confirmed to be keyless thefts so far this year. The 44% is likely to be a conservative estimate due to not always having confirmation of the exact method of theft. 6% of thefts in Q1 were due to Burglaries, where houses were broken into and keys for the vehicle were taken. 

Global Telemetrics currently has a couple of solutions to help combat relay theft: 

  • Our S5 devices (that have Bluetooth Detection Cards) will be provided with a Faraday pouch to put both the keys and cards into. This stops the key signal from being able to be relayed. 
  • Our SmarTrack S5+ iMOB system (that comes with Bluetooth Detection Cards) can be switched off. Once switched off or out of range, the tracking device will immobilise the vehicle. This means that even if the keys have been replicated in a relay attack, the vehicle will still not start.

Theft Locations

Being the Capital city, London will always dominate our Stolen Vehicle lists. Quarter 1 was no different, with 33% of all theft and recoveries being stolen in a London borough. Haringey is currently the most popular borough for vehicles being stolen, with 11% of all recoveries in London being stolen from this area. The West Midlands and Lancashire continue to be areas targeted, with 15% of all theft and recoveries being in the West Midlands and 12% in Lancashire. 

When it comes to where thefts are happening, a customer’s home address remains the most likely place for a vehicle to be stolen, with 80% of all our recoveries so far in quarter 1 being stolen from the home. 

Fastest Recovery

Our fastest recovery during Q1 was a fantastic 6 minutes on a Lexus RX400H; more information about this recovery can be found in our March Recovery Highlights here 

Of all recoveries in Quarter 1, 98% were within 24 hours, with 46% being recovered within under an hour of being confirmed to us as stolen. Our repatriation team recovered 18% of all recoveries within 30 minutes. 

Looking Forward

Quarter 2 sees the sun and nice weather return. We see more Motorhomes and Caravans emerge from their slumber and back out onto our roads. Sadly, this also greatly increases demand for thieves who target motorhomes during Quarters 2 and 3. Find out more about our motorhome tracking devices here 

As mentioned in our March recovery highlights, April saw the start of the GT Cup season. Our Executive Director Paul Bailey will be defending his Overall GT Cup win from last season with racing legend David Brabham. We will be following and providing updates throughout the season on our social media channels. 

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