All our tracking systems require a subscription; we have different options available to suit your requirements include duration of vehicle ownership, which will cover you for the whole you own that vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle Devices S7Annual2 years3 yearsDurationDirect Debit
Reco (Thatcham Category S7)£96 £8.00
Protector Pro Global (Thatcham Category 6/S7)£149£249£339£499£12.49
Caravan Protector (Thatcham Category 6/S7)£149£249£339£499£12.49
Trident (Thatcham Category 6/S7)£149£249£339£499£12.49
Maxi (Thatcham Category 6/S7)£149£249£339£499£12.49
SmarTrack Caravan (Thatcham Category 6/S7)£149£249£339£499£12.49
Stolen Vehicle Devices S5Annual2 years3 yearsDurationDirect Debit
Smartrack S5 (Thatcham S5)£159£269£369£599£13.49
Smartrack S5+ (Thatcham S5)£199£329£429£699£16.99
Smartrack S5+ iMOB (Thatcham S5)£199£329£429£699£16.99
Category 5/P5Annual2 years3 yearsDurationDirect DebitDirect Debit with Warranty
SmarTrack Cat 5/P5 (Thatcham Category 5)£199£329£429£699£16.99£19.99
Fleet DevicesAnnualDirect Debit
uTrack£82.00 + VAT£6.83 + VAT
SmarTrack Fleet£94.00 + VAT£8.32 + VAT
Trident Fleet (Thatcham Category 6 and S7)£124.17 + VAT£10.41 + VAT
SmarTrack Wireless£82.50 + VAT£9.16 + VAT
SmarTrack Wireless +£82.50 + VAT£9.16 + VAT

Duration of vehicle ownership will cover you for the length of time you own the vehicle from installation. Please note, this is only transferrable once within the first 12 months; anytime after this, a new subscription will be required.

All prices quoted include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Please Note:

Our Direct Debit form can be found via our website; when submitting the Direct Debit through our website, you will be charged for 2 months for the initial payment.

Prices are correct for any new subscriptions as from midnight 9th February 2021. Terms and conditions and cost implications may apply. Our terms can be found at If you require a copy of the terms and conditions, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Services on 0800 279 6401. All operations depend on vehicle usage, a suitably charged vehicle battery, GPRS/GSM coverage, internet connections and product capabilities.

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SmarTrack, the multiple award winning stolen vehicle tracking devices/tracker brand, winning 21 Industry Awards within 12 years.
All operations are dependent upon vehicle usage, a suitably charged vehicle battery, GPRS/GSM coverage, internet connections and product capabilities. Terms and conditions apply. Our terms can be found at
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