Global Telemetrics App

With all SmarTrack tracking systems, you are entitled to a free Global Telemetrics Android/Apple app to view information about your tracking system. Please see the below information.


View the live position or last known location of your vehicle or your fleet. Choose between normal, satellite, and hybrid map views.


Select the vehicle screen to view location, speed, ignition status, and battery voltage. If you have multiple vehicles, you can scroll or search for your vehicle of interest.


View the historical journey data for your vehicle(s), including routes, speed, distance, and locations, on a day by day basis.


Create, edit, and draw your own geofences. This function allows you to create a virtual perimeter around your chosen location and be alerted via push notification if your vehicle enters or exits this area.

Vehicle Dashboard

Breakdown of all your vehicle information, including current location, last journey information and odometer information.


A powerful notifications centre allows you to receive multiple alerts direct to your mobile device via push notification. Receive alerts for geofences, battery warnings (including low battery & battery disconnects), movement alerts & more.

Optional Remote Immobilisation

Some of our devices have the option to immobilise your vehicle, press a button within the app to immobilise/mobilise your vehicle.

Service Mode

Temporarily disable your alerts if your vehicle is in the garage or being transported. Please note by activating service mode, all alerts, including push notifications and those received by the Global Telemetrics Control Centre, will be disabled for your specified time period.

*some features are product specific.

Download the FREE Global Telemetrics

Android/Apple APP

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