A lot of our tracking systems have the ability to send data through to an online account offering up-to-date location information of the location of your vehicle(s).


The accounts operate through a secure online portal that you can access anywhere with an internet connection. The accounts are loaded with features to help you manage the tracking data to suit your needs. Take a look at our features below:


The calendar option is an easy way to view current and historical information from the tracking system. Information can be broken down into options, by list or by mapping screen. The information displayed shows location, speed and battery voltage.


If you require more than one day’s worth of data, you can select this through the reports options allowing you to choose the number of days required. You can select a report and download the information if required.

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A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a selectable location; an email will be sent if your vehicle enters or exits the requested area. An example of this is around a port which would then alert you to state that the vehicle was within the area and maybe going abroad.

Driving Style*

If you lease or rent out a vehicle, this feature helps you understand how the vehicle is being driven and produces information on harsh braking, harsh cornering, and speeding. This will then send you a report daily, weekly, or monthly displaying easy to understand data and giving you a driving rating marked out of 100.

Optional Remote Immobilisation*

The immobilisation option would need to be requested at the time of purchase. This enables a button within the online account allowing you to immobilise/mobilise your vehicle.

Business and Private Mileage

An option to view data and mileage for selectable times to help employees drive their vehicles outside of working hours.

Road vs Speed Recording

Select your vehicle icon and colour or, if you prefer, something different to help distinguish certain vehicles through your account.


Setup to receive emails about requested information regarding your vehicle(s). Be alerted every time the vehicle’s ignition is switched on if the vehicle travels over a certain speed.

Selectable Vehicle Icons

Select your vehicle icon and colour or, if you prefer, something different to help distinguish certain vehicles through your account.

Terms and conditions and cost implications may apply. Our terms can be found here. If you require a copy of the terms and conditions, please contact customer services on 0800 279 6401*. All operations depend on vehicle usage, a suitably charged vehicle battery, GPRS/GSM coverage, internet connections and product capabilities.

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