Global Telemetrics are proud to announce that during Quarter 3 of 2023 we have recovered £8m worth of vehicles which now puts us on a total of £29.8m for 2023 as a whole.  Q3 for 2023 see’s a rise of 300k on last year’s Q3 and £3.3m ahead of 2022’s by Q3 total recovered value of £26.5m. 

Q3 The Facts and Figures – For monthly breakdowns please see the highlights for each month below:




Methods and Locations in Q3, 2023

Throughout 2023, Global Telemetrics have been monitoring how vehicles are stolen from the vehicles we have recovered throughout the year. A consistent problem we have encountered for any vehicle owner is keyless theft, during 2023 72% of all recoveries by Global Telemetrics have been stolen by keyless theft. In Q2 this figure was 75% the decrease we believe is due to a rise in the number of burglary thefts taking place. In August and September especially we saw a number of recoveries where a burglary had taken place beforehand. 

Global Telemetrics currently has a couple of solutions to help combat against relay theft: 

  • Our S5 devices (that have Bluetooth Detection Cards) will be provided with a faraday pouch to put both the keys and cards into. This stops the key signal being able to be relayed. 
  • Our SmarTrack S5+ iMOB system (that comes with Bluetooth Detection Cards) can be switched off. Once switched off or out of range, the tracking device will immobilise the vehicle. This means that even if the keys have been replicated in a relay attack, the vehicle will still not start. In 2022, Global Telemetrics released a theft reconstruction which shows the relay method in action. This can be viewed below:

Theft Locations

When it comes to where a vehicle is stolen from a customers home address or other residential address known to them is still way ahead of the competition. 76% of vehicles recovered so far in 2023 were originally stolen from the home of or a home known to our customers. Public Car Parks takes second place with workplaces in third. 


When it comes to locations around the UK where vehicles are stolen, London still leads with 29% of all recoveries being stolen from the London area with Enfield being the specific borough targeted. Ever popular locations the West Midlands with 16% of all recoveries and Essex with 9% sit 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Fastest Recovery

Our Fastest recovery during Q3 was an outstanding 12 minutes on a Range Rover Sport, more information about this recovery can be found in our recently published September highlights here

Vehicle types recovered

SUV’s once again have dominated the quarter when it comes to types of vehicle stolen 38% of all vehicles recovered during Q3 were a SUV. In second place were luxury cars including Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Lamborginhis and more with 18% of recoveries within the quarter. Third was vans with 16%. Motorhomes were close behind with 13% with September seeing a surge in motorhome recoveries equating to 25% of all recoveries for that month. 

Looking Forward

As winter approaches a common theme that we see from customers and the general public as a whole is leaving their vehicles during the winter months to defrost or warm up before starting their day’s journey.

Each year we get thefts reported by customers where their vehicle has been stolen whilst sitting on their drive with the engine running, providing an easy target for chancers walking by or thieves tipped off that this happens often. 

Do you warm your car up in winter before driving? Here is why you shouldn’t!

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