Immobilisation stops the vehicle from starting even if the key is used. Thus, giving extra protection to your vehicle. 

An Immobiliser can be installed to your vehicle and stop the vehicle from starting, all controlled by pressing a button through your app or online account. This option is only available through certain devices. This option is available with our Trident and Maxi devices.

Installation Procedure

We offer a full UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Wight and Channel Island (Jersey) installation service via our network of over 1000 fully trained, qualified and experienced approved installation companies. Most of our approved dealers can provide mobile installation service, or you can take your vehicle to one of our approved local installation centres.

Please contact a member of our Sales Team on 0800 279 6401 for details of your approved installer in your area. Alternatively, click here for the contact us form.

How Do I Know The Device Is Working?

On the day of the installation, your device will be commissioned with Global Telemetrics to test the operation of the device. Once the device has been commissioned, you will need to activate your monitoring service by choosing your preferred subscription. Once the subscription payment is processed, you will receive your login details (via email) to access the Global Telemetrics app, allowing you to monitor your vehicle on the go at any time. 

For further information regarding the Global Telemetrics app, please click here.

Who Do I Pay My Subscription To?

All SmarTrack devices are monitored 24/7 by our Secure Control Centre staff at Global Telemetrics. Once your device has been installed and tested with your approved installer, Global Telemetrics will contact you to activate the device by selecting one of our many flexible subscription options.  Your subscription includes monitoring your vehicle 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, prompt contact in the event of any suspicious activity and the event of theft, liaison with the police to endeavour to secure and recover the vehicle.


How Do I Get A Copy Of The Certificate If My Insurer Demands It?

Upon activation of your device with a valid subscription, you will receive all documentation by email. This will include an installation certificate containing all the information your insurance company requires and can be downloaded and forwarded to the insurer. Postal copies are also available upon request.

Can I Keep My SmarTrack System When I Change My Vehicle?

Yes, SmarTrack devices are fully transferable between vehicles. Please get in touch with your approved installing engineer, or Global Telemetrics, to arrange for the device to be removed and refitted into your new vehicle (please note, a labour cost may be applicable). Once the device has been refitted, tested and reactivated, we will provide you with updated documentation. If you have opted for an annual or monthly subscription, this will roll over to the new vehicle.

How Long Is The Warranty On My SmarTrack Device?

Each device is covered with a fully comprehensive manufacturers warranty for 3 years from installation. If any fault occurs within these 3 years, Global Telemetrics will repair or replace the system, free of charge. Global Telemetrics will contact you towards the end of the manufacturer’s warranty period and offer the opportunity to extend the warranty for up to 12 years from the installation date, should you wish to.

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