In Conversation With…. 

Welcome to the third instalment of In Conversation With…  where we speak to key members of the Global Telemetrics Team. This week it’s our Head of Technical: Dan.

For those who have read both previous features you will have seen the name Dan mentioned in both. The former head of Stolen Vehicle Recovery was a key person in building the success of the department as well as training and mentoring the key staff that are there now. Described as knowing everything and able to sort any problems by Cath in our last interview, Dan is affectionately described by some as the ‘Dad of SVR’. Known for always having his teams back in and out of work and is always there to offer words of wisdom alongside the odd conspiracy theory or two! 

Dan has been with Global Telemetrics for 11 years, progressing through the company as the company itself expanded and he moved to his role of Head of Technical last year after previously being Stolen Vehicle Recovery Manager.

We sat with Dan and asked him about his time with the company. 

GT: What attracted you to the role?

Dan: The investigational side of thefts, along with job satisfaction on recovery. 

GT: What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Dan: Currently, working on the new systems and helping to make them more efficient, self explanatory and user friendly. 

GT: What challenges do you face each day?  

Dan: Teaching our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Manager (A.S.) how to clean up after himself, he still can’t manage to dry his mug and put it away! 

GT: What is your proudest moment while working here?  

Dan: Transitioning from Security Liaison Officer > SVR Team Leader > SVR Manager > Head of Technical. If you want one related to the role itself, it would have to be the recovery of 2 x Lamborghinis, an Aventador SV and Huracan, totalling over 600k, 4 days chasing these 2 around, but we finally got them back. They were both stolen together and recovered together for one client. 

GT: What would your perfect work day be?  

Dan: A.S. putting his pots away, 100% recovery on thefts, and a busy day in general. 

GT: What is the biggest tip you could give someone about protecting their vehicle?  

Dan: Don’t rule it out with arrogance, the most popular phrase I hear is “nobody would take my vehicle”.

GT: If you could do the role of one other person for a week, what would you choose? 

Dan: Engineer, I do miss that physical hands-on work, but I don’t miss the cold weather! I’ll stay where I am, thank you haha! 

GT: What do you get up too outside of work?

Dan: Family time, day trips out, plenty of holidays! 

GT:  And finally….what has been your funniest moment while being here?

Dan: There has been a lot to be honest, but seeing A.S walk into the office with his shirt or jumper being worn inside out, and yes this has happened on more than one occasion. 

20 May: April Recovery Highlights – £1.8m recovered

During April, Global Telemetrics were responsible for recovering £1.8m worth of vehicles for our customers.

09 May: Q1 Recovery Highlights – £5.4m Recovered

Global Telemetrics is proud to announce that during quarter 1 of 2024, we recovered a total of £5.4m worth of vehicles.

22 Apr: March Recovery Highlights – £2.2m recovered

Spring is upon us. We are about to welcome bright colours, beautiful flowers and lots of chocolate. We look back to February when Global Telemetrics recovered £1.9m worth of vehicles, a 600k increase on January’s £1.3m.