Global Telemetrics has warned consumers against complacency with the new 72 plate registrations set to be released on September 1, 2022, reporting an 85 per cent increase in vehicle recoveries compared to 2021.

Last year, Global Telemetrics successfully recovered £23 million worth of vehicles. With £8 million worth of vehicles recovered in the final four months of 2021, this number is set to be far surpassed.

London, West Midlands, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Essex have been identified as hotspots for thefts so far this year.

As technology improves and new cars are released, one feature still found to be lacking is security; relay thefts on keyless vehicles are still on the rise and show no signs of slowing down.

By far, the most popular vehicle stolen for Global Telemetrics is the Range Rover, which made up 51 per cent of all the vehicles recovered so far in 2022.

A high percentage of these premium vehicles are targeted due to the high demand for vehicles or parts when broken down, providing a lucrative business model for organised crime gangs.

Range Rovers and similar premium vehicles adopt keyless technology and are increasingly easier to steal. Signal boosting relays pick up the signal of a key and allow for a blank key to be reprogrammed, or the vehicle to be unlocked and started via the transmitter.

Operations manager for Global Telemetrics, Gavin Hennessy, warned: “Most people don’t realise how simple and quick a keyless relay theft can be. Even outside their own homes, relay thefts can be completed within a couple of minutes.”


Thanks to aftermarket tracking devices like Global Telemetrics’ SmarTrack devices, more victims are able to reclaim their vehicles despite the manufacturer’s in-built device often being removed.

The tracking device accurately pinpoints the location of the vehicle which is then passed to a dedicated repatriations team who work alongside the police to secure the vehicle. Customers are then able to collect after initial forensic and Crime Scene Officers have conducted investigations.

In some cases, vehicle theft is not straightforward. Global Telemetrics’ dedicated Stolen Vehicle Recovery team have been able to locate devices that are jammed, removed or exported to other countries.

The use of advanced methods such as SIM Triangulation, ANPR, and contacts across the globe – utilising years of advanced expertise and experience across the industry – have produced results for customers across its 16-year history.

SmarTrack devices cater for all vehicle types including plant machinery and fleet vehicles, starting at £299 inc VAT with first-year subscription.

To protect your vehicle from becoming another statistic, you can contact Global Telemetrics or SmarTrack by visiting calling 0800 279 6401 or emailing You can also follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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