Jag F-type

Theft Case Study – Jaguar F-Type recovered

Imagine the scene, you have had a fairly auspicious start to the season but in the last few games you have regrouped and turned it around, you have just beat an old rival and the top of the table team, the only unbeaten side left in the league 3-1 on your own ground. The final whistle sounds, overcome with elation and happiness as you walk out of the ground back to your car only to find it no longer where you parked it. 


This was a reality for our customer this weekend as he returned to his parking spot to find it vehicle-less. Our control centre had attempted to make contact with the customer after receiving an alert and shortly afterwards the customer called back to confirm his Jaguar F-Type had indeed been stolen from a car park near Old Trafford during the Man Utd vs Arsenal game. 


Security Liaison Officer Dom in our control centre quickly noted some info about the F-Type and asked our customer to report to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Whilst waiting for this to be called in, Dom briefed our Repatriations Team and got them ready to go


In the event of a theft of an asset the following process will occur: 

  1. Customer will report their vehicle stolen on our dedicated theft line/Global Telemetrics will ring the customer to make them aware of one of the alerts that our system generates (Vehicle moving without ignition, Battery disconnected, Driver Detection not present)
  2. If not already obtained, customer will be advised to ring the police and obtain a crime reference number
  3. Global Telemetrics work with our agents who work alongside the police to secure your asset. Upon a receipt of crime reference number, agents will attend the location of your vehicle
  4. As a safety precaution, upon notifying Global Telemetrics of a theft all access to our apps is temporarily disabled. We will keep the owner informed of any updates so they can rest assured everything is in hand. Global Telemetrics will not provide customers with an exact location of the asset to avoid customers endangering themselves
  5. When the vehicle is secured, Global Telemetrics will call the customer to confirm that the vehicle is safe
  6. The police will arrange with the customer collection of the vehicle either from its location or after recovery and forensic examination 

With the crime reference number obtained, Dom provided the Repatriations Team with coordinates and set them on their way to the location. In a lot of cases the criminals will not drive the vehicle too far away and will instead drive to a discreet area and leave the vehicle for a period of time to see if anyone comes to collect it. 


In this case, the vehicle had driven just 20 miles away from the scene of the crime and our repatriations team were able to secure the vehicle within just 13 mins of it being stolen. The customer who had previously been worried he wasn’t able to get home for the match was instead able to get back to his vehicle and have it recovered home later that evening. 


Manchester, where this vehicle was stolen has been identified as a hotspot for vehicle theft and with the new ‘72 plate registrations now available Global Telemetrics have launched a campaign to increase awareness towards keyless thefts more details of which can be found here: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/special-features/global-telemetrics-highlight-vehicle-thefts-23904759


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