Recovery highlights for March 2022

Just like January and February before it, March continues to show a sharp increase in vehicles stolen across the UK. March has seen an almost double the increase in the amount of vehicles recovered by Global Telemetrics from February. We recovered a total of £5.4m worth of assets throughout the month. This brings the total of assets recovered for the first quarter of the year up to just over £11.5m.

Every blog we write for our recovery highlights, always has Range Rovers at the top of the list for most recovered assets for the month. March is no different with 45% of all the vehicles recovered this month being part of the Land Rover Range Rover family. This equates to an increase of 14% from February. In total, over £2.9m worth of Land Rover or Range Rovers were recovered this month by Global Telemetrics.

This staggering figure reiterates the recent headlines and advice from tracking companies and police forces across the country that keyless thefts are becoming increasingly more common. Our recent article  offers a solution on how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen even if thieves manage to clone your keys. 

Over the last few months, we have seen a battle between Audi and Mercedes for the second spot. However, in second place this month, a relative newcomer to the top of the list for recoveries is Volvo with 21% of all vehicles recovered this month. The V90 being the most targeted. £450k worth of Volvo’s were recovered this month. 

For March, Audi was the third most recovered vehicle with 18% of vehicles for this month being a model of Audi. The RS5 being particularly popular this month. Combined, the value of the recovered Audi’s this month came to just over £800k

7% of this month’s recovered vehicles were Mercedes with them taking the fourth spot in our list, over £450k worth of Mercedes vehicles were recovered by Global Telemetrics in March.

Rounding up our top five recovered vehicles this month are both Fords and BMWs with 4% of recovered vehicles this month. £170k worth of Ford based vehicles were recovered this month, whilst £99k worth of BMWs were recovered. 

Other notable vehicles recovered this month include Bentley Continental GT, Swift Escape, Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Panamera.

Over the last couple of months, Global Telemetrics have highlighted the re-emergence on the roads of motorhomes and caravans as the weather improves. This sadly increases the amount of thefts of such vehicles. This month, 5% of thefts were motorhomes and this number is likely to increase as the months pass by. 

We covered two recent thefts of such vehicles in our Case Study blogs, which can be found here: 

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