Why choose a No Tag No Start System?


  • Theft Prevention 

New No Tag No Start technology is a proven way to prevent vehicle theft and increase the chances of recovery. In 2021, Global Telemetrics recovered just under £23m of assets. This was an increase of almost £10m on assets recovered in 2020. January 2022 has already seen over £3m of assets recovered. 

No tag No Start systems, immobilise a vehicle when the driver detection card or app is not in range or switched off. A popular method of theft is key cloning which can be performed remotely, even with cloned keys a No Tag No Start system will prevent the vehicle from starting leaving the thieves unable to drive away. At Global Telemetrics we can also offer an S5 tracker which has the No Tag No Start system integrated with it for extra security. 


  • Ease of use

No Tag No Start systems are very easy to use and understand. Simply put, if there is no driver detection recognised then the car will not start. Driver Detection can be achieved either with a card which can be physically turned on and off, through an app, or with a code known only to the driver which they can input when in the vehicle. 


  • Insurance company approval

During 2021, we started to see a trend of insurance companies asking for No Tag No Start systems to be fitted to customers’ vehicles. Companies asking for trackers is not an uncommon thing but with the rise of car theft year upon year we could now see a move for the demand to be for no tag no start on certain vehicles


  • Reliability 

A frequently asked question we receive from our customers  is ‘What happens if my phone or card is out of charge, will I be left stranded?’ The answer is no, each method of No Tag No Start system has a number of backups in place. With the cards, the battery has a life of 3-6 months depending on usage, the customer will also be provided with a spare card and a charger. If a card does go flat while the customer is out in their vehicle the customer can make a quick call to our HQ and we are able to remotely disable the scenario until the card is fully charged. For our App controlled products not only will you receive a driver detection card as backup but immobilisation can be scheduled around your needs. 


  • Pricing

On stand alone immobiliser products, there is no subscription charge, instead customers will pay a one off fee. Global Telemetrics offer No Tag No Start both as a standalone product or integrated with an S5 System subscription.  


Further information regarding our Stand Alone Immobilisation systems can be found here.

Further information regarding our Tracking devices with integrated immobilisation can be found here.


  • Convenience

With our Shadow Immobiliser the signal can be sent via Bluetooth, this means there is no need to rely on other signals and it can produce an instant connection anywhere in the world. 


Our Shadow Immobiliser app gives customers the opportunity to schedule immobilisations as well as immobilse when required. Customers can schedule immobilisation around work patterns or for lengths of times when they are away from a vehicle, this requires no disarming method and is completed automatically.  

If required, the vehicle can be set in a service mode which temporarily disables the immobilisation feature while the vehicle is having any required maintenance.

More News

29 Jun: Theft Case Study: Stolen Range Rover Sport

Helping to protect your vehicle even while you are asleep

I know what you are thinking… why a case study about one of the most stolen vehicles in the UK and the vehicle that made up 67% of May ‘22’s recovery figures.

With the recovery of this Range Rover highlights the efficiency and frankly brilliance of the SmarTrack Trident S7 device, our 24/7 Control Centre and our Repatriations Team. Yes that’s correct with this one we are showing off!

24 Jun: May 2022 Recovery Highlights

Up until the end of May Global Telemetrics has recovered £17.8 million this year so far.

With nearly half the year gone, May was yet another busy month for Global Telemetrics with £3.4m worth of vehicles recovered this month. This brings the total number of vehicles recovered so far to £17.8m. This is now only just over £5m away from the whole of last year’s total of £23m.

17 Jun: Theft Case Study: Land Rover Discovery

This theft is fairly unique in that it happened in the middle of the day in a residential area in a busy part of Birmingham. Whilst not all thefts happen at night, thefts during the middle of the day are not something that happens all the time. For this unlucky customer his Land Rover Discovery was stolen just after midday on a Sunday afternoon.