Why a fleet tracker? 

On our website and in our blogs you may have seen referenced our fleet tracking services, but what are they? What do they do? How can they benefit your business?

What are they? 

Our business vehicle tracking devices, commonly known as fleet trackers are our range of products aimed at businesses, to give not only peace of mind for business owners but to provide a range of helpful tools for monitoring their vehicles. 

Currently we have 5 products available:

  • uTrack
  • SmarTrack Fleet
  • Fleet SVR (Trident)
  • SmarTrack Wireless
  • SmarTrack Wireless +

What do they do?

The uTrack device is a self-monitored solution for users or fleet management to monitor current and previous data. The uTrack device provides a cost-effective solution to vehicle security for your own peace of mind.

Our uTrack devices feature the ability to create reports for driving time and daily overviews, a secure online account to manage your vehicles and create notifications to a mobile device for battery disconnections, battery low or if a vehicle exceeds a specified speed. The uTrack device also allows access to the Global Telemetrics app, vehicle grouping of your fleet and the ability to add geofences. 

SmarTrack Fleet is a web-fleet management tracking system offering the complete solution to monitor vehicles and drivers. 

As well as the current and previous data that comes with the uTrack device our SmarTrack Fleet device comes with some key added features. 

Reporting tools to generate reports at the time or intervals of your choosing for mileage, journey data, private and business mileage with results sent directly to your inbox.

A notification centre which can send notifications for battery low or disconnections and excessive speed at a setable limit. 

Multiple user access allows for multiple users to be allowed access to the online portal with parameters set by the fleet manager. 

Driving style behaviour reports giving the ability to assess how the vehicle is being driven. 

Vehicle grouping which allows for vehicles to be grouped for ease of access and data.

Map views to show where selected vehicles are in relation to a map, displaying speed, battery voltage and location if required

Geofencing allows management to set perimeters around locations on a map. With a library of predefined geofences to choose from plus the ability to create your own, notifications will be sent via email or push notification to a mobile device when these areas are entered or exited by your chosen vehicle or vehicles. 

Our Fleet SVR (Trident) device features 24 hour 365 days a year monitoring from our Global Telelmetrics control centre. Our control centre will contact you if the vehicle moves without ignition or has a battery disconnection. This device also allows for an optional alarm input which will create alerts through to our control centre if the alarm sounds. Remote immobilisation can be installed to this tracking device allowing for customers to immobilise/mobilise through their online account or Global Telemetrics app.

SmarTrack Wireless offers discrete battery-powered vehicle tracking which is ideal for non-powered assets, with a long life battery this device can operate for up to 5 years. This device provides access to our app and website for up to date information on location. A SmarTrack Wireless will also provide a report of vehicle location once per day. 

SmarTrack Wireless +  is a rechargeable device featuring a fully waterproof magnetic casing allowing for placement within waterproof housing. The Wireless + features access to our Global Telelmetrics app and website. This allows various fleet options while the device is charged. 

 How can they benefit your business?

Our customers use their fleet trackers in many different ways. 

  • Peace of mind and theft prevention
  • Business and private mileage
  • Timesheets
  • Journey Reports
  • Generating reports for payments to companies or employees
  • Vehicle grouping for areas or job requirements
  • Immobilisation of a whole fleet of vehicles within the fleet at chosen periods of time

How do I get a fleet tracker?

For further information on all of the products we provide can be found on our website https://smartrack.uk.net/ or by giving us a call on: 0800 279 6401 or via sales@smartrack.uk.net

 You can also find us on social media at:

Twitter: @smartrackltd

Facebook: www.facebook.com/smartrackltd

Instagram: @smartrackltd

Tiktok: @globaltelemetrics

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/global-telemetrics

More News

06 May: First Quarter of 2022 Recovery Information

First Quarter of 2022 Theft Information

Quicker than a blink of an eye the first quarter of 2022 has already come and gone. 2022 is looking to be the busiest year for asset recovery in Global Telemetrics 13 year history and highlighting a worrying trend of vehicle theft being massively on the rise across the UK.

08 Apr: March Recovery Highlights

Recovery highlights for March 2022

Just like January and February before it, March continues to show a sharp increase in vehicles stolen across the UK. March has seen an almost double the increase in the amount of vehicles recovered by Global Telemetrics from February. We recovered a total of £5.4m worth of assets throughout the month. This brings the total of assets recovered for the first quarter of the year up to just over £11.5m.

30 Mar: Theft Case Study: Stolen Range Rover Sport

Case Study, Theft from Train Station – Range Rover Sport

Earlier this month (March ‘22), the Global Telemetrics control centre called our customer on an alert call after we were notified that their Range Rover Sport was moving without the driver detection card present. This is a fairly common occurrence and usually a routine call for our control centre, but not for this Range Rover.

Our customer confirmed that the car had been parked at a railway station since the morning and if it was moving it had definitely been stolen. Following procedure our SVR team advised the customer to contact the police and obtain a crime reference number.