This week sees the NEC host the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2022 and Global Telemetrics will be in attendance. With this in mind we are this week looking at motorhomes and caravans.

Now we have entered the autumn months, the days begin to get shorter and the nights longer, we are now beginning to see caravans and motorhomes head to their winter homes back to storage 

For many customers this will provide peace of mind and they will believe their vehicles to be safe behind gated properties. For the most part this will of course be correct, however, in our experience it is sadly not a guarantee. 

As a company we have seen on far too many occasions vehicles taken and removed from storage facilities without the customer present or being aware. 

Earlier in the year one of our case studies reported exactly this situation, thieves posing as the owners were able to drive into a storage facility and drive away with a caravan, uninterrupted, without any questions asked (more details of which can be found here thankfully for the rightful owners of this caravan, they had one of our SmarTrack devices installed and we were, alongside the police, able to locate and recover the caravan for the customer. 

Another case study earlier this summer, highlighted a situation where upon recovering a caravan fitted with a SmarTrack Caravan Protector our Repatriations Team found 3 other caravans without our trackers too! To read more about this one visit 

Our SmarTrack vehicle tracking devices, as well as helping to locate the vehicle if the worst should occur, also offer customers a way of remotely keeping watch. Our GTE Track app offers battery status indications and alerts as well as the option to connect an already installed alarm to the tracker which will generate an alert through the app and to our 24/7 staffed Secure Control Centre. 

A quick Google search for ‘motorhome theft’ produces a number of results of local news alerts regarding motorhomes, which confirms that they are still currently being targeted around the country. An example of which can be found here: 

Models of motorhomes and caravans have featured regularly in our own recovery highlights with over £1 million pounds worth of recovered vehicles so far this year. 

To protect your device 

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20 Jun: May Recovery Highlights – £2.7m recovered

During May, Global Telemetrics were responsible for recovering £2.7m worth of vehicles for our customers.

20 May: April Recovery Highlights – £1.8m recovered

During April, Global Telemetrics were responsible for recovering £1.8m worth of vehicles for our customers.

09 May: Q1 Recovery Highlights – £5.4m Recovered

Global Telemetrics is proud to announce that during quarter 1 of 2024, we recovered a total of £5.4m worth of vehicles.