Helpful Information to keep your vehicle secure

24/7 Monitored Tracking Device

A Thatcham-approved tracking device can alert you to potential vehicle tampering almost immediately. all Global Telemetrics tracking devices will alert the driver of battery disconnection and vehicle towing, and some higher level device also include alerts should the vehicle be driven by an unauthorised driver. With the addition of geofence security, a tracking device can provide notification of a theft and our repatriation teams can be mobilised within minutes to hopefully recover the stolen vehicle.
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Shadow Immobiliser

The Shadow Immobiliser focuses on theft prevention rather than recovery. the Shadow Immobiliser is controlled either via a conveniently sized driver detection card, an android/apple mobile app or an intelligent scheduling facility and will prevent your vehicle from being driven without the drivers identity being confirmed. with no ongoing costs and a convenient solution for every driver, the Shadow Immobiliser offers unrivalled security.
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Don’t Leave Your Vehicle Unattended Whilst Running

During the winter months, it is not uncommon for customer’s to leave their vehicles unattended whilst the engine is running in order to de-ice and “warm up” the vehicle. Unfortunately, the Global Telemetrics stolen vehicle recovery team have witnessed many occasions in which vehicle thieves have seen this as an opportunity to steal a vehicle without generating any suspicion.

Faraday Bags or Boxes

Thieves these days are quite advanced in their tactics and technology. It is far too easy for a potential car thief to purchase advice online that can clone keys. Thieves are able to stand outside a potential victims house, activate their device and clone the signal from the keys inside the house allowing them access to the targeted vehicle. purchasing a Faraday bag, or other signal blocking storage, prevents the thieves from cloning your keys.

Steering Locks

Advancements in vehicle theft technology has enabled vehicle thieves to steal a vehicle, on average, in under 30 seconds. A steering lock is a tried and tested method to deter thieves from your vehicle. to dismantle a steering lock can take a prolonged period of time and is guaranteed to raise suspicion, and therefore isn’t worth the risk to the thief.

Social Media

Even if you are careful with your privacy settings, there is still a good chance that someone undesirable may see your vehicle. We all love the likes and shares but remember you are advertising there’s a nice shiny car at your house. This paired with posts referencing when you are away from your
home is a “red flag to a bull” when it comes to vehicle theft.


If a thief wanders up to your drive and they can see your CCTV system, chances are they are going to move on to the next vehicle. If they don’t see it and do still go ahead with the theft then you have excellent evidence to provide the police with. Recently, as seen on our social media pages, 3 thieves attempted to steal a ford ranger from a customer’s drive, they managed to clone the key and gain access to the vehicle but couldn’t start the vehicle due to the shadow immobiliser. The confused thieves eventually left the vehicle untouched.

Park In Well-Lit Places

Darkness is a friend to a thief, the less they can be seen the better. If you can, park in a well-lit area so that they think twice before they choose your vehicle. That thief may just think twice if they are easily visible. If you can park your vehicle in an area with advertised cctv, as mentioned in point 7, this is an added bonus.

Lock Your Doors

Sadly all too often people have had cars stolen or houses burgled because they simply haven’t locked their doors. Despite beliefs that certain areas are safe from vehicle theft, all too often we see vehicle crime reported in small, sleepy villages and bustling cities alike.

Selling your Vehicle

If you are selling your car, always be careful what information you reveal and what you do with the keys. We recommend conducting any viewings in the presence of another person, and never letting a prospective buyer test drive the vehicle alone. Global Telemetrics have seen many cases where owners have had their keys and subsequently their vehicle stolen by an individual who initially enquired about purchasing the vehicle. in a few of these, people have also told their prospective buyers that the car had a tracker in it too. Leading to the thieves having a head start on knowing there is a tracker to remove.

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More News

25 Jan: Theft Case Study: Stolen Ford Fiesta ST

Global Telemetrics were alerted that our customer’s Fiesta had been stolen from its last known location. Our customer had gone to do some shopping in their local Sainsbury’s store and had come out to find their vehicle no longer there. 
In the event of a theft of an asset the following process will occur: 

Customer will report their vehicle stolen on our dedicated theft line  / Global Telemetrics will ring the customer to make them aware of one of the alerts that our system

17 Dec: November 2021 Recovery Highlights

In our October highlights, we stated that the last two months of last year we recovered vehicles totalling £2.3m, November itself this year surpassed this on its own. During this month we recovered vehicle’s worth £2.38 million, this is over 500k more than October and over 600k more than the same time period last year. 

Usually, we highlight a top 5 but this month we had a wide variety of vehicles stolen and recovered so have included more vehicles.

01 Dec: October 2021 – Theft and recovery information

What are the chances of your vehicle being stolen more than once?
Global Telemetrics show how a vehicle can be stolen more than once, more often than you might think.
Some thieves are even audacious enough to take them from the same location.