November Recovery Highlights 

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, November has already come and gone. The World Cup Final is almost upon us, dark nights are in full swing and the foggy and frosty mornings are approaching. 

For Global Telemetrics, November 2022 has blown away November 2021 for recovery value totals, becoming our second busiest month of the year so far. November saw £4.8m worth of recoveries, more than double that of 2021. 

This means that Global Telemetrics has now been responsible for the recovery of over £38.4m worth of vehicles, so far in 2022.

Recent research and freedom of information requests have shown that 80% of car theft in the UK are keyless thefts, a lot of keyless vehicles feature in our recovery highlights. Our most popular vehicle during November continued to be models of Land Rover / Range Rover. 64% of the month’s recoveries totalling just over £3.3 million pounds were one of these models. 

To find out more about the research conducted and its results information can be found here: and here:

Other notable recoveries for November include: A Rolls Royce Dawn and a Rolls Royce Ghost, a number of Fiat Ducato based Motorhomes, an Adria Sportline caravan, various models of Mercedes and Audis, a Maserati Levante, a Lexus RX 450H and a Porsche 911 Carrera 4s. 

The Rolls Royce Ghost comes in at the top of our most expensive vehicle recovered, worth a whopping £350k. Prestige vehicles aren’t the only target thieves go for, a number of vehicles priced around the 35k-40k range recovered this month including a Mercedes X-Class and a couple of Ford Transits.With cost effective Thatcham Approved S7 tracking systems starting from just £8 per month such as our RECO Device, we have options available for all types of vehicles.

The Ford Transit, alongside other commercial delivery vehicles are plagued by a spate of parcel theft across the country, with a recent poll showing 32% of people in the UK have had a parcel lost or stolen. In one of our Ford Transit theft cases, our fleet customer had their vehicle stolen containing lots of parcels due out for delivery. For some criminals it is easier to steal the full van to take to an area to easily gain access to the parcels. Thankfully with some quick work by our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Team and our Accredited Auto-Crime Investigation Team the vehicle was back in safe hands in just 13 minutes with all parcels still in the van. The company involved had one of our Fleet tracking devices which are available with Stolen Vehicle Monitoring which can be found here: 

During 2022, we have kept a record of hotspots when it comes to vehicle theft. London has been the busiest area this year so far, with the West Midlands and South Yorkshire close behind. Lancashire and Essex round off the top 5. Of course thefts aren’t just targeted to these areas as thefts throughout November saw thefts all across the country. 

A trend we have spotted recently from our own customers and social media, is thieves attacking rural and small village communities, with thefts or attempted thefts reported. With the dark nights here to stay for a few months we can only expect these incidents to occur more often. A number of these reports have come from owners with CCTV / Camera Doorbells who have caught thieves in the act, indicating thieves are becoming more desperate to get the vehicles they desire. 

Recently we have released an awareness video to highlight during the winter months why you should never leave your car unattended to de-ice or ‘warm up’. With the weather dropping to minus levels and opportunist thefts rising, this has never been so important. 

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