As England prepares to hopefully bring it home at Euro ‘24, and a month of football is underway, we look back to May, when Global Telemetrics successfully recovered £2.7m worth of vehicles for our customers. 

May’s Facts and Figures

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of our highlights blogs that JLR models once again topped the list of most recovered vehicles. 31% of vehicles stolen throughout May were a Jaguar Land Rover model, with the Range Rover Sport being the most targeted vehicle. 

Other stolen vehicle models in May included Lexus, Ford, Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Volvo, and Ferrari!

May’s Most Interesting Recoveries

Sadly, May had two instances of violent crimes where vehicles were taken forcefully: a Ferrari 488 Spider, which was taken by gunpoint and an Audi Q8 stolen at knifepoint, both of which were in London. Thankfully, the owners of both vehicles were unharmed, and the vehicles were recovered after the crime thanks to the Global Telemetrics monitored tracking device, our fantastic repatriations team, and the police. 

May’s Quickest Recovery

20 minutes is all it took for our Repatriation Team and the police to recover our customers’ Range Rover Sport at the end of the month. Despite the thieves quickly parking up with the vehicle and trying to locate the tracking device, they were unable to locate the device, thanks to how well hidden the device had been installed. The police and our repatriations team then arrived 

Our No Tag, No Start device in action

Also during May, we had confirmation from our customer that during the night, they had found thieves in their Mercedes C220 trying to steal their vehicle and were able to chase them off. This Mercedes was protected with a SmarTrack S5+ iMOB device, which meant that without the driver detection card in the vehicle, it wouldn’t start even if keys had been cloned or stolen. With the card safe and secure in the customer’s house, the vehicle remained immobilised the thieves were unable to steal the vehicle! 


Once again, London leads the way regarding locations where vehicles are stolen and recovered. During May, 55% of all vehicles recovered by Global Telemetrics were recovered in the London area. 27% of these London Recoveries were in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, making this the most popular borough where vehicles were stolen. The West Midlands was in second place this month with 18% of all vehicles stolen, and Thames Valley made its first entry in the top 3, having 9% of all recoveries during May. 

Looking Forward

June marks a very busy month for Global Telemetrics and SmarTrack, with a few upcoming events. At the time of writing this blog, we have already attended the Nottingham Motor Show with our friends at Exec Spec. A great weekend with great people at ‘Batman’s House’ aka Wollaton Park. You can find out more about Exec Spec here

In the middle of the month, the best-worst-kept secret will be taking place: the Supercar Driver Secret Meet. This year, the location and date have been a closely guarded secret, but we will have plenty of live and retrospective coverage across the event on our social media channels as well as all of the Supercar Driver social media channels. 

Towards the end of the month, members of our team will attend the grid of the Yiannimize Grand Tour event, where SmarTrack will sponsor each vehicle on the tour. Again, coverage of this event will feature on our social media both live and retrospectively. Footage of the tour will be across all of the Yiannimize social media channels. You can find out more about the Grand Tour here

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