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For this edition we are focusing on our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Manager who we will refer to as AS for security purposes 

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) department is the heartbeat of Global Telemetrics. Essentially, our SmarTrack devices are there to provide vehicle security and theft prevention and if the worst should happen it’ll be one of our dedicated 24/7 SVR team that you will speak with. 

A constant since the start of the formation of Global Telemetrics in 2009, the SVR team have been monitoring alerts generated by our driver detections systems, locating stolen vehicles, assisting with technical queries and providing technical support.

The current team is headed up by SVR Manager AS started as a young, fresh faced 17 year old apprentice. Within a few years, AS showed excellence in the job and has deservedly earned his current role. 

We sat down with AS to ask him about his time at Global Telemetrics. 

GT: What attracted you to the role? 

AS: I originally applied for an apprenticeship for the customer service/collections-based role. After coming to the HQ I think it was clear to me and to Dan who was the Team Leader for SVR at that time, that I was more interested in the stolen recovery department and luckily was offered that position.

GT: What do you enjoy most about being SVR Manager?

AS: The job is ever-changing but right now I’m enjoying building the team. SVR is a growing department so building the team and helping people progress is really satisfying.

GT: What challenges do you face each day in Stolen Vehicle Recovery? 

AS: In this role, anything could happen from disputes on thefts with the Police or Technical dilemmas to cross with the development team. The biggest overall challenge is looking for ways to streamline the work without affecting the experience of paying customers. Luckily that is something my seniors are very skilled at so the knowledge and support I get are second to none.

GT: How would your perfect day look?

AS: 20 stolen – 20 recovered no problemo.

GT: What has been your proudest moment working for Global Telemetrics so far?

AS: There has been a lot of proud moments over the years but I think becoming Stolen Vehicle Manager is my proudest. It’s been a journey from Apprentice, Security Liaison Officer, Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader and now Stolen Vehicle Recovery Manager. Was almost a little bit scary to not have an obvious next step up. I’ll be sure to find one though.

GT:  As manager of SVR what is the biggest advice you would give to a customer considering vehicle protection? 

AS: Be mindful and aware,95% of victims I’ve dealt with say they knew the car was stealable or sought for but just never thought it would happen to them. People deserve to have nice things without the worry of Gangs’ potentially plotting to steal them. However, that isn’t the world we live in and being aware of threats and keeping that in mind helps improve general security. Like where you leave your keys at night or what you leave displayed in your vehicle. 

GT: What do you get up to outside of work? 

AS: From puppy training to 3 nights with boys at Leeds festival. I do it all

GT: And finally… What has been your funniest moment while working for Global Telemetrics?

AS: Ex-Staff member filling up Dan the Man’s (Former SVR Manager and now Head of Technical) bin with Chicken bones He wasn’t happy!

To protect your vehicle, further information on the products we provide can be found on our website https://smartrack.uk.net or by giving us a call on: 0800 279 6401 or via sales@smartrack.uk.net

You can also find all our social media details at: https://linktr.ee/globaltelemetrics

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