Global Telemetrics and the Brabham BT62 at the Michelin Secret Meet 2021

Since hosting the incredibly successful Secret Meet at Donington Park in spring 2019, Supercar Driver have been ambitiously planning the sequel. Now called the Michelin Secret Meet, hundreds of supercars and thousands of petrol heads flocked to the racetrack for the highly anticipated event. Global Telemetrics in partnership with SB Race Engineering brought along Paul Bailey’s Brabham BT62 driven by 2009 LeMans winner David Brabham.


The Brabham BT62 wasn’t the only car that ran from SmarTrack sponsored garage 16 that day. Paul Bailey, co-owner of Global Telemetrics brought with him a car that predates the modern hypercar but doesn’t look out of place alongside them, the Koenigsegg CCR. Its’ pedigree is undeniable, breaking the fastest production car speed record in 2005 at Italy’s Nardò Ring at a whopping 241.01 mph, only to be subsequently beaten by hypercar royalty, the Bugatti Veyron. The third and final car ran from garage 16 was the 986bhp Ferrari SF90 Stradale, another vehicle boasting excellent heritage, creating a triple threat of power, handling and speed.

By 10 am after sighting laps and the obligatory track break, the SF90 and BT62 were fueled and ready to take Global Telemetrics’ clients and staff around the fabled Donington Park Circuit. First out with David Brabham in the BT62 was Tony Avery, owner of GAP Security, unequivocally impressed with the car, he said: “The experience was absolutely unforgettable and adrenaline filled, most importantly I felt in safe hands throughout. David was incredibly friendly but professional, for anyone looking to have a fun experience I highly recommend trying this.

Throughout the day Paul and David put a smile on every face brave enough to don the white lid. After being taken for a spin in the Koenigsegg, Catherine, Operations Team Leader at Global Telemetrics said: “It was fabulous and wonderfully terrifying at the same time, I’m saving up for one now.” 

David, a keen supporter of The Motor Neurone Disease Association, raised over £4000 for the charity by holding an auction for a passenger ride in the BT62. 

A great charity doing fantastic work across the country supporting those affected by MND.

The Brabham BT62, a product of Brabham Automotive caught the eye of many car fanatics. A name Formula One fans will recognise from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Such is the achievements of Brabham, a new Brabham car driven by a Brabham would hardly go unnoticed.

 In an interview with Jonty, David said: “Brabham Automotive is out of Australia, we launched in 2018 with the ultimate track car” later adding “we call it the ultimate track car because it has 700 horsepower, 1200 kilos of downforce and it’s under a tonne, so it’s pretty fast.”

The SF90 whilst a road car impressed upon those passengering with Paul. Rob Quail, owner of Trackerfit remarked: “The event was much bigger than expected with what looked like hundreds if not thousands of supercars lined up together. Nice to see people out at events like this after the Covid situation. The Ferrari SF90 looked immaculate and was a real treat to go out as a passenger. Paul overtook everything on the 6 laps, very good driver and felt completely safe. Think I smiled all the way home. It was that good!”.

Jessica, Accounts Manager at Global Telemetrics lauded the event, she said: “Amazing day, amazingly organized, a day to never forget. Loved every second of it and I’m already looking forward to the next one!”

Drinking in the atmosphere and eye-catching automotive weaponry wasn’t the only duty for Global Telemetrics, unique and rare cars were everywhere, all requiring protection. Tracking devices aren’t the only security solution Global Telemetrics provides, immobilisers and anti relay theft products are also their speciality. With relay theft on the rise, protecting your asset, especially irreplaceable assets has never been more paramount.

You cherish your asset, Global Telemetrics protect it.

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Global Telemetrics’ approved partners from the event.

AMT Auto

GAP Security Direct

JBR Capital

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Morgan Motor Company


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27 Jul: £20.5 Million in recoveries and only half way through the year.

2022 is at its halfway point, a year that has already seen the Winter Olympics, War in the Ukraine, Fossils found from the same time as the impact that killed the dinosaurs, Elon Musk buying twitter then possibly pulling out of buying Twitter, Nottingham Forest ending a 23 year exile from top flight football and the UK getting actual points and coming second in Eurovision.

For Global Telemetrics, at the halfway point of the year we are less than £3 million pounds away from matching the total of vehicles recovered for the whole of 2021. In 2021, Global Telemetrics successfully recovered £23 million pounds worth of vehicles. At the end of Quarter 2 for 2022 we are currently at £20.5 million with £8.5m recovered in this second quarter alone.

15 Jul: Chop Shop located from SmarTrack device

Earlier on in July we had a report to our control centre that our customers’ Range Rover SVR had been stolen. After contacting our control centre armed with their crime reference number our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Team leaped into action and immediately started the process of locating the vehicle.

So far, halfway throughout the year Range Rover’s have made up 60% of all vehicles recovered by Global Telemetrics.

14 Jul: Caravan Tracking Device helps police recover more than one vehicle

SmarTrack products have once again been vital in the fight against vehicle theft as the recovery of one tracked caravan has led to 3 other untracked caravans being recovered on the same site.

At the start of July, in the early hours of the morning, our control centre team received a movement notification from one of our customer’s caravans. The team could see that it was moving away from its usual storage unit. Julie at the control centre was quick to call the customer to find out if everything was ok.