Theft Case Study: Stolen Coachman Wanderer Caravan

When it comes to vehicle theft nothing is safe from becoming a target. As mentioned previously in some of our other blogs, as the weather improves there is an increased number of caravans and motorhomes on roads but even the storage centres where they are stored for winter can be a target. 

In late January this was the case for one of our customers who had their Coachman Wanderer stolen from the storage site where it was located. 

Global Telemetrics’ dedicated control centre received an alert in the evening that the vehicle was moving, however, it wasn’t until the next morning that the customer was able to confirm with the storage centre that it had indeed been stolen. With all thefts, before deploying our Repatriations Team we wait for a crime reference number from the police. 

In the event of a theft of an asset the following process will occur: 

  1. Customer will report their vehicle stolen on our dedicated theft line  / Global Telemetrics will ring the customer to make them aware of one of the alerts that our system generates (Vehicle moving without ignition, Battery disconnected, Driver Detection not present)
  2. If not already obtained, customer will be advised to ring the police and obtain a crime reference number
  3. Global Telemetrics work with our agents who work alongside the police to secure your asset. Upon a receipt of crime reference number, agents will attend the location of your vehicle
  4. As a safety precaution, upon notifying Global Telemetrics of a theft all access to our apps is temporarily disabled. We will keep the owner informed of any updates so they can rest assured everything is in hand. Global Telemetrics will not provide customers with an exact location of the asset to avoid customers endangering themselves
  5. When the vehicle is secured, Global Telemetrics will call the customer to confirm that the vehicle is safe
  6. The police will arrange with the customer collection of the vehicle either from its location or after recovery and forensic examination 

Once we had the crime reference number our repatriations team were able to spring into action, armed with the location they were able to liaise with the police. 

In this theft a ‘stooge’ driver had taken a vehicle to the storage centre and towed the caravan away. When we had confirmation that the caravan had been stolen our tracker was able to locate the vehicle driving down the M1. Our Repatriations Team were able to liaise with the police and pass this information over and a vehicle was sent to intercept. 

Within 25 minutes of the Coachman being confirmed stolen, the police had pulled over the ‘stooge’ vehicle and caravan, leading to one arrest and one very happy caravan owner. This theft just goes to show that you cannot always take vehicle safety for granted. 

As the spring and summer approaches and your caravans and motorhomes are ‘back on the road’, get the best protection for your vehicle possible by contacting us today!

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