Dover and out!

2022 has been a successful year when it comes to recoveries for Global Telemetrics, not only did we surpass our total from 2021 as early as September, we have seen a number of our recoveries lead to other vehicles being recovered at the same time, allowing us to reunite more customers with their vehicles. The following case is one of those incidents. 

Early in the morning we had a report that our customers’ Range Rover Sport had been stolen, our Security Liaison Officer Dom took charge of the situation and obtained the necessary details. With everything obtained he passed the current location on to our repatriation team. 

In the event of a theft of an asset the following process will occur: 

  1. Customer will report their vehicle stolen on our dedicated theft line/Global Telemetrics will ring the customer to make them aware of one of the alerts that our system generates (Vehicle moving without ignition, Battery disconnected, Driver Detection not present)
  2. If not already obtained, customer will be advised to ring the police and obtain a crime reference number
  3. Global Telemetrics work with our agents who work alongside the police to secure your asset. Upon a receipt of crime reference number, agents will attend the location of your vehicle
  4. As a safety precaution, upon notifying Global Telemetrics of a theft all access to our apps is temporarily disabled. We will keep the owner informed of any updates so they can rest assured everything is in hand. Global Telemetrics will not provide customers with an exact location of the asset to avoid customers endangering themselves
  5. When the vehicle is secured, Global Telemetrics will call the customer to confirm that the vehicle is safe, allowing for the customer to arrange collection.

With some thefts, it’s not as straightforward as going to get the vehicle straight away, on some occasions it is requested that the vehicle is simply monitored for a period of time to see what else occurs and what else it can lead to.

Early the next morning our eagle eyed Dom, picked up an alert to say this vehicle was moving without ignition being used and was heading towards Dover Port, quickly liaising with our Repatriations Team who immediately informed the police. The decision was made and the instructions were sent out to intercept the vehicle before it could be sent out of the country. Police checked a number of vehicles heading towards the port before locating the Range Rover in the back of a cargo lorry, also discovered were 2 tractors and plant machinery also stolen and headed for a trip overseas. 

Thanks to the fantastic quick thinking and response from all 3 teams involved, these vehicles were stopped from being moved abroad and one person was arrested. This highlights the incredible work that goes into and pays off in Stolen Vehicle Recovery. A win for the good guys. 

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27 Feb: January Recovery Highlights – £1.3m recovered

Hot off the heels of announcing our recovery total for 2023 of £39.4m, in January, Global Telemetrics tracking devices were responsible for the recovery of £1.3m worth of vehicles.

17 Jan: 2023 End of Year Review – £39.4m of stolen vehicles recovered

£39.4m vehicles recovered in 2023! Theft recovery rate rises again, as Global Telemetrics see an increase in their end of year figures.

21 Dec: November 2023 Recovery Highlights – £4.1m Recovered

During November 2023, Global Telemetrics were responsible for the recovery of £4.1m vehicles.

This takes the year’s total to £36.1 million so far, which is just £700k short of surpassing 2022’s final total, which during December has now been surpassed.