Theft and Alerts

Theft and Alerts

Can trackers be detected, and can they be removed?

Whilst tracking devices can be removed, our systems are purposely well hidden within the vehicle to avoid being detected. Our devices go into a sleep mode to stop transmission of a constant signal. Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Team have a wealth of knowledge, with years of experience plus additional tools and methods available in the event a tracking device has been signal jammed or tampered with.

What do I do if my vehicle gets stolen?

You must report the theft to the Police. The Police Control desk will then issue you with a Crime Reference Number. Then call the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centres dedicated Theft number 0808 1684 999 (International +44 (0) 1530 275 920) and select option 1. Please have your customer number along with the Crime Reference ready and the tracking process will begin. Global Telemetrics will contact our own dedicated Repatriations Team who liaise with the Police and update as soon as possible.

If my car is stolen, why do you switch my apps off and refuse to tell me the location?

As a duty of care to our customers, company policy dictates that we will not disclose the location of the car and suspend access to the app for the customers own safety. We do this to prevent the customer attending the location before the police or our Auto-Crime Investigation Team and becoming in danger.

What are movements Alerts?

If you have a Thatcham certified device the Global Telemetrics Secure control Centre will call you if your vehicle is moved without the ignition being turned on (trailer or low loader).

What are Battery Alerts?

All wired SmarTrack devices will alert the Global Telelmetrics Secure Control Centre if the battery is disconnected, the team will contact you immediately if this happens. In the GTE Track app alerts can be configured to send alerts via push notification if the battery begins to run low.

Why may I not get an alert on a Ferry?

This depends on where your vehicle is within the Ferry, due to most ferries being made of metal this can reduce the strength of the signal while being transported.

What if I have forgotten my mobile phone / my phone has run flat / I am in a low signal area?

Global Telemetrics will contact the customer using all means possible leaving messages and sending texts where applicable. We advise where possible for the customer to have more than one contact number for Global Telemetrics to contact.