GTE Track and D-ID

GTE Track and D-ID

How do I get my App Account?

Information regarding the app can be found within your Welcome Email. This will include download links. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded via the links below.

What are Geofences?

Geofences are a virtual perimeter that is placed around a location for added security. When the device enters/exits the area the user is then emailed to confirm this.

My App/Online account states the wrong house number on the data?

Unfortunately this is something out of our control, the GPS signal can bounce a little when close to buildings and we can’t always show the correct number of the house.

How do I reset my Password for my app?

On the login page of the app, there is a password reset button where your password can be changed by sending an email with a link.

What is D-iD™?

D-iD™ is an alternative to the driver tags. When your vehicle’s ignition is turned on, a push notification will be sent through to your phone via the GTE Track app, if everything is ok you can swipe authorised use, if you believe this shouldn’t be the case you can press report and a member of the Global Telemetrics Team will be in contact immediately.

Is D-iD™Thatcham Assured?

Yes, D-iD™ has been processed through the Thatcham criteria for the S5 category.

Can my partner/spouse also have a D-iD™ login?

Yes they can, however this can only be requested by the main account holder. This has to be requested in writing by emailing